One might say — building products, selling, partnering, exploring powerful technologies, saving costs, increasing revenues, improving operational efficiencies, building a better brand…and many more (pick your favorite). No doubt, these are definitely your day-to-day bread and butter activities and objectives. We are paid to execute, to deliver.

But, have you for a moment thought back to really understand the most important reason for being. It is not a philosophical questions, rather it is a most practical one.

Experience. The Customer Experience. It can be purchasing, brand, technical support, usage, product, design. Each of us in our own roles/functions all contribute to this thing called Experience. Experience is why the customer buys our product, refers us to her friends, talks us up on facebook, tweets about her excitement using it (yeah — FitBit!), is proud to carry and show off (iPod, iPhone…..), and generally feel great about oneself. This last point is the most important psychological element we need to take point.

People feel great when they feel good about themselves, they improve their intrinsic “net worth”, are respected by others, and have take an positive step forwards towards their goals and dreams. Experience is what delivers. Experience is what matters.

How do YOU deliver a most memorable Experience?

Dharmesh Shah, CTO of Hubspot, a person who I follow and admire, had a terrific, timely post on this topic.

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